By Amor Towles


This story is revolved around the idea of independence and it is portrayed in a manner that specifically glorifies female independence. A young lady, living in New York City, is confronted with praise and contradictions as she hesitates over her own independence and societal opinions/standards. The author portrays this character in a way that allows the audience to see her grow internally. Rather than focusing on what she doesn’t have, she simply focuses on what she knows she is capable of.

My Opinion:

I regarded this novel as incredibly empowering as it discarded patriarchal views and praised the independence of women. Due to the young female characters’ ability to stand out as a representation of independence, she receives the attention and respect of many.

Though her friends are seemingly jealous of her demeanor, she receives attention from men who truly respect her, hence why there is so much envy towards her from those closest in her life. However, because of her intimidating demeanor, she finds herself losing people as they were either intimidated, jealous, or felt as though they were undeserving of her attention/friendship.

I, personally, relate incredibly well to this novel, due to the fact that I am thoroughly independent and self-motivated. I take pride in this characteristic, as it has opened up an array of new possibilities for my future. I do not dwell on wordly opinions because I am all for myself and certain of my physical and mental capability.



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