By Paulo Coelho


This story is a bit different from most due to the fact that the theme of the story is so apparent. It shares the story of a young boy who is basically told that he must go to the pyramids in Egypt, if he wants to know his purpose and significance in life. This takes him on a long spiritual and physical journey to find contentment. On the way, he comes across several obstacles, along with temptations in which he must strive to overcome.

My Opinion:

I personally really enjoyed this book, seeing that the storyline was particularly different than most books I’ve read. The theme was represented in a modest and simple way, allowing the reader to create a comparison between themselves and the main character. This story is primarily focused on the modesty of one’s own being. Society has distraught and deteriorated self-esteem, seemingly making ones life purpose to be solely for the satisfaction and pleasure of another.

We have been raised to follow the crowd and keep our genuine opinions to ourselves, in fear that they may be frowned upon. When we allow ourselves to see the views of others as simply opinions, and not attacks on one’s self, we are able to grow. This story is a great example in showing that our purpose in life is blatantly distinct from another and our temptation in wanting to be like everyone else, will essentially allow us to grow when we choose actions specifically for our own well-being.



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