By Stephen Chbosky


This story is about the exploration of one’s self through trauma and mental pain. The main character has obviously been traumatized by past events that have built his personality into an anxious idea of coping mechanisms. He strives to keep himself at society’s standard of “normal,” but gets fumbled around when the time of Christmas and his birthday come around. He is distinctly different than most people his age but that does not discourage certain individuals when deciding whether to be his friend or not. Through his relationships, he learns to accept life as what it is and simply live in the moment.

My Opinion:

I enjoyed the concept the narrator chose in writing the novel as if each chapter is a journal entry from the main character. It was a bit confusing at times but it gave the story a more emotional and sentimental perspective. Though the other characters were not fully aware of the narrator’s feelings at all times, the audience had a slight glimpse of how he felt in several situations. The readers are experiencing the tone behind each motive and considering the personality of the main character, making the story much more in-depth.

This story is a great example of the growth in relationships and how they may nurture one’s own being. It also shows forgiveness and love as unconditional support in friendship, which is the true portrayal of an everlasting connection with another individual. Despite all of our differences, we can learn to love and forgive regardless.



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