By George Orwell


This story is based on a dystopian word, with a society organized into a culture that is constantly controlled and watched. The residents of this society, are used to doing the same exact thing everyday while being watched by ‘Big Brother.’ The main character becomes in contact with a fellow resident in the most inconvenient of ways, seeing that they could be given harsh consequences for their relationship towards each other. To escape the control, they try hiding this relationship. However, the places they find so safe, may not be un-monitored as they had believed.

My Opinion:

I really enjoyed this book because it was incredibly suspenseful. Though our modern day society is not as obviously controlled/monitored, I cans till find resemblance between both separate societies. Our society is based around order and perfection. People wake up each day and go to school/work for the rest of their lives because this is the “only” way to function in society, without being belittled by other citizens. Seeing that our society is focused on being accepted, this idea is incredibly crucial in comparison of the story’s society and modern day society.

The resemblance of both societies allows the audience to understand the similarities of our modern day society and this dystopian culture. Our society is built around order which is essentially the main idea of this story. Along with the idea that the government does not want original thought. This is an interesting idea that I believe has been sprouted from the influence of modern day culture. Although, the government is not trying to control original thought, society has created a judgemental environment through social media and social gatherings. This making original thought belittled and discouraged, seeing that people have put their center of focus on the perspective that other people have created towards you.



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