By Ayn Rand


This book is, essentially, the story of an architect whose work receives attention from society, but not in the way one might typically wish. This architect has such a motivated drive towards his future that the negative reviews of his unique work, do not phase him. Very few understand his motive in building and though he has many negative reviews, he continues to persevere.

The few that do understand his motive in building, are the ones in which he holds closer to his heart. His work ethic that shows determination, may leave him with close to nothing. But even this, could not extinguish his passion towards the uncertainty of life.

My Opinion:

I really enjoyed reading this book because, the author incorporated a complex theme with a modern day storyline. Although, this book is rather long and includes deep understanding of metaphoric outlooks, it is truly a novel worth raving about, based on its theme and complex ideas. The main character, Roark, seems to show no emotion towards certain situations, in which, he may be receiving criticism. Whether this criticism is positive or negative in the eyes of the beholder, Roark simply pushes aside any criticism that goes against his own ethics and outlook on life. This is because, he genuinely does not care about the opinion of others.

Many people try discouraging Roark, as he designs intricate and complex buildings that do not please the eyes of society. Roark simply builds because it is what he loves to do, not because he could potentially make profit from it. Few believe and trust in his endeavors, but those that do are thoroughly, and surprisingly satisfied.



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