By Alex Tresniowski & Laura Schroff


This is a truly moving story about a woman living in New York who comes across a young panhandler on the street. There are obviously many panhandler’s throughout New York, but there was something about this particular boy that compelled Laura to put her love and energy into the young soul of a boy trying to make money for his distraught family.

His name is Alex, and though it may seem as if he knows no kindness or manners, there is something insightful and compelling about his troubled mind. He opens his mind and heart to Laura, allowing them to grow a lifelong friendship despite their age difference and comparibly different living circumstances.

My Opinion:

I absolutely loved this book because it was an amazing example of being humble, which goes hand-in-hand with the idea of being kind. Laura could have easily walked away from Alex that day but she opened her heart and shared compassion to no end.

I like to believe the theme of this story is the idea in which the metaphorical length to which kindness can reach and how much it may impact a certain individual, such as a young panhandler on the city streets of New York City. Many people in modern society, have seemingly taken kindness for granted as well as underestimating how much it may emotionally/spiritually benefit someone’s mindset, whether it be just the length of that day or the length of many.



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