Self-care is extremely important, specifically when you’re internally struggling with something. Throughout most of my middle and high school career, I struggled with the idea of self-care because I was too consumed in the conflicts I was experiencing at home as well as, feeling depressed and anxious frequently. It wasn’t until towards the end of my junior year in high school, that I started realizing how important it is to take care of yourself. It was at that time, I also began realizing my self-worth which is something that I had always struggled with.

Although, the process of self-care and the internal goal of wanting to physically do better as well as mentally, it is an extremely tiring and ongoing process. The first obstacle I reached in trying to better myself, was the commitment to exercise regularly. I had gotten a membership with my sister to a gym which we would strive to go to 3-5 times a week. However, during this process, I found myself lacking motivation some days and would end up staying home then later, become angry with myself. It took a lot of self-motivation to understand I needed to exercise regularly, and eventually I gained a rhythm in which I enjoyed going to the gym as well as going frequently during the week.

As it became an easier process in going to the gym, I also found myself outdoors, taking walks rather often. I fell in love with the idea of being outside and on the days I did not go to the gym, I went on a relatively easy walk/hike. I began to see positive differences in my mood as I exercised on a daily basis. I felt more energized after working out as it boosted my drive to do well throughout the day.

As simple as exercise may seem, it is an extremely important factor in our well-being. It becomes difficult to motivate yourself but it does make a difference to consistently feed yourself positive thoughts and I have also found that it helps to notice the differences that it makes in your life. Exercising is extremely underestimated in our society, yet it is one of the key factors to a healthy mind and body. The benefits are far more worth it than deciding to stay home. It is okay to start out simple. For example, to start, go through a walk throughout your neighborhood and in the following days, make a particular goal for yourself.

It is specifically difficult to ignore comparing ourselves to others, especially when going to a public gym. However, it is also comforting to understand that the other individuals there, are there for the same reasons as you and I- they want to better themselves. If we focus on this aspect of exercising in public, we find ourselves less judgemental towards others.

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